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Full-Time Drummer/Teacher


My Family!

  • Lessons are simply $20 per each half-hour session.  I recommend weekly half-hour lessons for most students under the age of 18.  I will do bi-weekly one-hour lessons for students that are older.

  • I am located in El Mirage. About 10 minutes from the loop 101 and loop 303. My major cross streets are El Mirage Road and Cactus Avenue.

  • I recommend an evaluation for younger students under the age of 8.  Some students are much more ready than others. Meeting with a younger student for a short period with their parents will give me an opportunity to see if they have the focus and mental fortitude to follow a weekly lesson plan.


  • I will gladly offeranyone a free evaluation so you can meet me and evaluate me.  You are more than welcome to contact other students, parents, and school system employees for a reference.