Don't forget the cymbals! Here are some cymbal packages that are all below $500.  Good cymbals are just as important as good drums. You can spend a lot more for cymbals, if you have any questions, ask me! (or Aaron, or anyone at Sweetwater!)


Full-Time Drummer/Teacher

Some fantastic Electronic Kits too! I recommend the Yamaha DTX452K for $699. The  Alesis Nitro Max is decent too for $399, but your student will probably want to upgrade pretty quickly if they are serious about drumming. 

Other things like Socks, Hats, T-shirts, Jewelry, etc, can be found here on Etsy, but I can not attest to their  products quality.  I DO NOT recommend buying drum set gear, equipment, hardware or accessories at Etsy! 

And if you are thinking about a NEW DRUMSET for your student, CLICK HERE!  Sweetwater has new drumkits starting at $599 - and they are GOOD kits too!  Not the junk you see on Social Media for $299.  These are high quality kits that can last a lifetime and will have decent trade in/resale value later on down the road.  

Avondale, Arizona Drum Lessons - Goodyear, Arizona Drum Lessons, Litchfield Park Arizona Drum Lessons

Click on the black links below the pictures for easy and quick ordering! 

In addition to my suggestions - PLEASE DON'T PUCHASE LIGHT-UP DRUM STICKS from anywhere. EVER! 

( Trust me! ) 

Drum Sticks 

(I suggest size 5A ) 

I get a many requests from students and parents regarding drumming gifts for themselves or their drummers.  Here are some of my favorites! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS  - ASK ME!  

Although not available at Sweetwater, these are pretty cool too!  

Click on these pictures and go to their websites! 

Double Sided Practice Pad

(my best students are the ones who practice with their pads!) 

They also have individual cymbals and cymbals stands for the drummer

looking to expand their drum kit! 

All of the gifts/products that I have recommended and linked below can be easily purchased and shipped by SweetwaterI have been dealing and purchasing from Sweetwater for years  and I can't tell you how AWESOME they are!  From top to bottom they are the BEST company I've ever dealt with when buying equipment,EVER! (That's a long time and I have tried them all)

They simply are the best, and they have a brand new distribution center not far from us, just off the Rt. 303 in the West Valley. You can order online very easily or feel free to call them too. The ENTIRE Staff are very helpful! 

The Rep that I have dealt with over the years is Aaron Cieslikowski and he can be reached at:

His phone number is 260-247-6694(call & text). 
He is a outstanding rep, a great dad, and a terrific guy!  

 I do not receive ANYTHING for suggesting them, or when you purchase from them, and I would NEVER suggest, endorse, or recommend a company that I didn't believe in for a discount, spiff or payback of any kind on my end. I would ask, however, ask that you mention my name. Why? I don't know - my representative Aaron, who I've dealt with for years, and consulted with when I made this list, simply asked that you mention my name when you order.